About Hayrat Foundation


The Hayrat Foundation was established in Istanbul, Turkey by Ahmed Husrev Altinbasak, the successor of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, in 1974.

The Hayrat Foundation has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) in 2016, the umbrella body under which NRTC was established.

Some of the main activities of the foundation can be summarised as follows:

The foundation has established offices in all parts of Turkey and in around 20 countries while carrying out activities in over 40 countries. It trains all segments of society, particularly the youth, to make them highly knowledgeable, virtuous, morally upright and patriotic.

The Hayrat Foundation also has a MoU with the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Youth and Sports in the Republic of Turkey, with which it conducts educational programs in state run educational buildings, on Islamic and moral values and teaches how to read the Quran and understand its message for humanity. Two books which have been written by the Hayrat Foundation on the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Ottoman Turkish Language have been published by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Turkey. It has also been integrated into the curriculum of Turkish schools.

The Foundation has established schools from kindergarten to high school level. It also organizes international conferences, seminars and workshops on various subjects.

The Hayrat Foundation has been translating the Risale-i Nur into numerous languages. Hayrat Publication, one of the sister organizations of the Hayrat Foundation, prints the Quran in its own printing house and publishes cultural and Islamic books as well as periodicals in several languages.

The Hayrat Foundation has pioneered the establishment of hundreds of NGOs across Turkey and overseas such as Hayrat Publication, Hayrat Humanitarian Aid Association, the International Scientific Research Association, Hayrat International Student Association, etc. The Hayrat Foundation invites international students to Turkey for studies and the Hayrat International Students Association takes care of the programs, accommodation and follow up of the students.

The Hayrat Humanitarian Aid Association, another sister organization of the Hayrat Foundation, carries out humanitarian activities in over 70 countries.