NRTC collaborates with the academicians and post-graduate students of IIUM in order to contribute to the development of Islamic thought and to provide solutions for the contemporary problems of the Muslims and humanity at large through academic publications, seminars and conferences.


NRTC provides intellectual and spiritual enhancement programs and discourses on Islamic, theological, moral and social matters, as well as Turkish languages courses for the students, academicians and stuff of the IIUM. All programs are provided free of charge.


NRTC provides academic consultation for the academicians and post-graduate students of the International Islamic University Malaysia and conducts student exchange programs from IIUM to Turkish universities and vice versa.

What we Offer ?

NRTC provides professional free training services for and in cooperation with students, academicians and stuffs of the IIUM.

Risale-i Nur Courses
NRTC free Risale-i Nur courses have been available over at the free certified since 2014 part of IIUM student activities.

The 8 modules of the course will take an average student about 10 to 15 hours to complete, and they learn a wide range of topics in Risale-i Nur.
If you complete all the modules, you can qualify to receive an official NRTC certificate. Unlike the course, however, you’ll need to fork over some pay an amount of money if you’d like that official recognition.


Talaqqi learning is Islamic lesson conducted in a halaqah (small group). It is led by a qualified teacher and guided by a certain book in order to attain a certain spiritual status. We offer weekly free talaqqi sessions to focus more on specific topics of Risale-i Nur in order to have high level of understanding on Bediuzzaman Said Nursi’s thoughts.

Training of Trainers (ToT)

Training of Trainers (ToT) course is answering an international demand for more well-qualified educators and facilitators who are able to conduct our Face-to-Face and Project-Based Learning programs on various fields of Risale-i Nur.

Taking the ToT is part of the NRTC learning journey and brings you one step closer to becoming a certified trainer. The minimum requirement to be certified is to complete the following:

1. Attend a NRTC Certified 8 Modules of the Risale-i- Nur Courses.
2. Complete the minimum of one dimension of the NRTC weekly Talaqqi program , focusing on the area you want to teach.
3. Attend the NRTC Trainers course.
4. Pass an interview during the NRTC/ToT.

Turkish and Ottoman Language Turkish Courses

Start learning Turkish with our more comprehensive Turkish language lessons. If you want a more structured studying plan with lessons and homework assignments, follow our Turkish learning courses available for beginners. available and intermediate level groups for Ottoman language Turkish are in progress.

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