What is this program about?

  • This program offers a great opportunity for those who wish to delve into an intensive series of courses on educational, social and cultural issues in the light of Quran and sunnah
  • It offers a thematic curriculum of Risale-i Nur for a systematic study on the basic subjects of human life
  • A compiled booklet comprising the text of that particular module is provided for each participant
  • It demands its participants to study the materials from analytical and critical perspectives and actively engage in the discussions

What do we aim?

  • To train students who are able to interpret the life better and translate it into their lives
  • To produce a skilled, enlightened youth for wider training of our societies
  • To instil verified iman into the minds and hearts of the participants
  • To contribute to the personal studies of the participants
  • To grant certificates of participation to those who complete each module

Who can attend?

  • Students
  • Academicians
  • Staff


  • Classes begin at the second week of each semester
  • Two classes per week. Each class takes 45 minutes and 15 minutes break is given
  • Eight weeks per semester, which is considered as one module
  • Modules are available two semesters per year
  • No class is held during mid-term break and final exams
  • Those who attend six out of eight classes can attend the next module in the following semester


  • All classes take place in the centre of NRTC located at the third level of Human Science Building of IIUM.

How to Register?

  • No fee is charged for participation

Registration is received online at our website

Contact Us

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