“International Conference On Bediuzzaman Said Nursi’s Thought” Open To Public

By Norhaspin Ajib

GOMBAK, 26 September 2017: Faith, Islamic unity, and harmony are major areas elaborated by a prominent Muslim scholar, Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, in his book “Risale-I Nur”.

Addressing the opening ceremony of Nursi Conference 2017, the Vice President of Hayrat Foundation Turkey, Said Yavuz, said that the basic objective of “Risale-I Nur” was to establish a strong faith and Islamic unity.

The collaboration to produce International Conference on Bediuzzaman Said Nursi’s thought on Wasatiyyah and an exemplary society involving IIUM in between Hayrat Foundation, Wasatiyyah Institue Malaysia, International Institute for Muslim Unity and The International Wasatiyyah Forum.

The conference was held to discuss and reflect the methods of moderation (Wasatiyyah) in Islamic discourse with Muslims as well as non-Muslims to establish an exemplary Islamic society. It is the method of Wasatiyyah to the society where it is meant to give information to the society not to be involved in conflicts such as violence, extremism, radicalism, and terrorism.

According to Said Yavuz, the unity of society can only be achieved when people uphold the name of Allah S.W.T and perform the jihad. Later, the Muslim society who implemented Wasatiyyah in life will guide other people.

The Deputy Director 1 (Research & Publications), Malaysian Institute of Wasatiyyah (IWM), under Prime Minister’s Department, Assoc Prof. Dr. Mohd Afandi Mat Rani, said “akhlaq” is the major factor to be concerned among society.

He elaborated that the demolished state of the Muslim society before Prophet Muhammad’s preaching, such as involving the tribes of Thamud and Aad, was due to poor morality. Today the society is facing challenges of liberalism, capitalism and many more. These challenges faced had led to the gradual process of decreasing morality.

He said that the Bediuzzaman Said Nursi’s book on “Risale-i Nur” provides a basic outline to the idea of moral development for the Islamic society.

By knowing the unlimited information of this book, the Hayrat Foundation Turkey is enthusiastic to preserve and publish the “Risale-I Nur” for the society. The Foundation hoped that the three-day conference held in IIUM from 23 to 25 September will build great results to the society and Islamic unity.

Meanwhile, IIUM Deputy Rector (Research and Innovation), Prof. Dr. Rahmah Ahmad H Osman, expressed the hope that the audience will obtain benefits from the conference which had brought 10 experts of “Risale-I Nur” from Turkey besides more than 30 presenters contributing ideas towards Wasatiyyah and an exemplary society.


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